Mission to Learn

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Agents! We need you! Have you explored Numberjacks: Mission to Learn? www.njmtl.co.uk

Numberjacks: Mission to Learn is an exciting and entertaining world where children become engaged with and learn mathematics through a unique mix of games, video, audio, images and interactivity. For just £19.99 you can buy a lifetime subscription to the site. 


This innovative project builds on the creative and educational strengths of the Numberjacks television series, voted the most educational children's television programme in the UK (Tanya Byron, Freeview Survey).  

Find out more at www.njmtl.co.uk

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Numberjacks on i-Tunes in Australia

Numberjacks fans in Australia can now download episodes from  i-Tunes.  Click here to go to the  i-Tunes page. 
If you woudl like to download Numberjacks episodes but you don't live in Austraila, let us know.







There are 10 superhero Numberjacks, each with particular characteristics and different strengths. Click here to find out more.

Episode Learning Focus

All Numberjacks programmes encourage a love of learning, being a good observer and listener, good analytical thinking, and problem solving skills.   Additionally, each programme has one specific leaning focus (occasionally more than one).  The focus for each television and radio programme is listed below.

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Watch a Clip

Watch a clip of Numberjacks here.



Do you have fun with Numberjacks products?   We love to hear how you are playing with Numberjacks toys and games. Please send us feedback , and send in your ideas for future  products.

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Have you tried completing these 2 puzzles featuring lots of your favourite Numberjacks? The puzzles come with a sheet of suggestions of how to extend the fun and learning for your child.

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Try a game of Numberjacks skittles! Lots of ideas to help with counting skills while you have fun! These can be found in a shop near you or in our online shop .