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Agents! We need you! Have you explored Numberjacks: Mission to Learn? www.njmtl.co.uk

Numberjacks: Mission to Learn is an exciting and entertaining world where children become engaged with and learn mathematics through a unique mix of games, video, audio, images and interactivity. For just £19.99 you can buy a lifetime subscription to the site. 


This innovative project builds on the creative and educational strengths of the Numberjacks television series, voted the most educational children's television programme in the UK (Tanya Byron, Freeview Survey).  

Find out more at www.njmtl.co.uk

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Numberjacks on i-Tunes in Australia

Numberjacks fans in Australia can now download episodes from  i-Tunes.  Click here to go to the  i-Tunes page. 
If you woudl like to download Numberjacks episodes but you don't live in Austraila, let us know.


We hope that every Numberjacks experience will combine entertainment and education. We want young children enjoy early maths, problem solving and thinking skills, get off to a good start at school, and have a cheerful and positive attitude towards maths that will last them all their lives. The learning in Numberjacks covers a wide range of topics, including numbers, counting, shape, measurement, movement, position, pattern and problem solving. Click here to find out more.

The Numberjacks Characters

3, 4, 5 and 6 are the principle characters, and appear in every episode.

Char3_perspective.jpg3 is busy, lively, a bit “Me me me!” but growing up.  Slightly odd and eccentric, noisy, fun and full of herself.  Very keen to be seen as one of the bigger numbers – “I can do it!” - but not quite ready for it yet.  A wildly ambitious jumper, 3 has a collection of beautiful things. She doesn’t go out on missions in the earlier episodes, but graduates to doing so later.  She is the principle operator of the Brain Gain machine. 

Char4_low_angle_right.jpg4 is a regular sort of number – nice, steady, quite grown up.  He’s four-square, steady, logical, measured.  Not hugely self-confident, tries not to panic.  “I’m not sure, but I’ll try a bit more.”  Still happiest at home, not entirely happy as a jumper, but OK as long as things don’t go wrong.   4 is the mechanic of the Numberjacks, and likes fixing things.  He likes trains and playing with the Bloop Ball.  He is the main screen operator.  

Char5_low_angle_right.jpg5 is definitely grown up, she’s perceptive, sorts things - quite cool, creative, artistic. Likes looking after the smaller numbers some of the time.  Loves jumping, does it with grace and style, outgoing.  “I’m fine!”  She’s a good and cool singer, has a good fashion sense (for someone who never wears clothes).  In each episode 5 speculates what else might go wrong, which we see as a 2-d animation.


6 is a “bigger” number, play tricks, is good fun.  Quite physical, he’s a  cool jumper, sometimes a bit too flash for his own good.  He tends to be the leader of the Numberjacks, though perhaps not as bright as Five.   “Did the trick!”  He loves cars.  6 usually decides who will go on the Mission.


The Other Numberjacks

0, 1 and 2 are the “younger sibling” Numberjacks.  The bigger Numberjacks look after them. 

Char0_perspective.jpg 0 is the baby of the numbers, and doesn’t do much.  He’s a bit special, because he can turn things into nothing, and can line up to make bigger numbers like 10 and 100.  He can hardly jump at all, and often falls asleep.  He can make things disappear and can make 10 together with 1.

Char1_low_angle_right.jpg1 is nice, a bit self-centred and rather immature.  She doesn’t jump very much and is still very much at the centre of her own universe.  Well-meaning but sometimes the source of the problems, she can make 10 with 0.


2 quickly flips from one state to the opposite, is busily into things and has a touch of “terrible twos”.  Active and changeable, he sometimes wants to be one of the “big numbers” but is sometimes still very babyish.

7, 8, and 9 are seen from time to time, and give us “older sibling” relationships and storylines.  They live in another part of the sofa.

Char7_low_angle_right.jpg7 is enthusiastic, slightly “new age”, colourful and bright.  She’s a great painter, especially of the seven colours of the rainbow.  She sings well, is energetic, creative and busy


Char8_perspective.jpg8 is a good jumper, and has a special bond with 4, being looked up to as a sort of big brother.  8 is cheerful, rounded, earthy, sporty, and game.



9 is the “biggest” Numberjack.  She’s a touch motherly, quite sensible, grown up and neat.  She has a particular fondness for 3.  She is a good organizer, and calm in a crisis.






Do you have fun with Numberjacks products?   We love to hear how you are playing with Numberjacks toys and games. Please send us feedback , and send in your ideas for future  products.

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Have you tried completing these 2 puzzles featuring lots of your favourite Numberjacks? The puzzles come with a sheet of suggestions of how to extend the fun and learning for your child.

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Try a game of Numberjacks skittles! Lots of ideas to help with counting skills while you have fun! These can be found in a shop near you or in our online shop .