About the Numberjacks The Numberjacks have been entertaining and educating young people at home and in school in the UK and around the world since 2006.
Apps that help young children learn maths
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These Numberjacks Apps join the television programmes, radio episodes and interactive website Numberjacks Mission to Learn in helping children to enjoy and learn maths. 
They combine play and learning so that children develop and practice the skills and understanding they need to get off to a good start in maths, building the foundations of later confidence and success in a vital area of learning. And they’re fun too! Our philosophy is that children learn best when they are engaged, entertained and motivated, and all Numberjacks media are designed to inspire children to become active learners.
Five different activities to help children learn about numbers and counting.
Numbers and Counting up to 20
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Available for phones and tablets - Android, Apple and Kindle Fire
Addition facts up to 10
Four games to help children learn the addition bonds to 10.
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Five activities to help children become familiar with number names and their order.
My First Numberjacks App
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Sound credits Any sounds not provided by Open Mind Productions have been sourced from the following providers: www.freesfx.co.uk www.freesound.org Click here for the full list of sounds requiring attribution from freesound.
Times Tables
Four activities help children learn and practise their times tables.
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